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Relief of Spinal Cord Compression from Vertebral Hemangioma by Intralesional Injection of Absolute Ethanol. However, neurologic symptoms, which result from epidural compression of the spinal cord by the hemangioma, hypertrophied bone, epidural hemorrhage, or compression fracture, are uncommon 2, 3. Vertebral hemangioma is the most common benign lesion of the spine, most often an asymptomatic incidental finding [ 1]. A 68 year old male with a history of prostate cancer de- veloped progressive lower extremity numbness and tin- gling, loss of lower extremity vibratory sensation, cold- ness and burning of his feet, unsteady gait and frequent falls. Emergency laminectomy should be performed in all cases of progressive neurological compromise ( 15). Aggressive Spinal Hemangioma.
Hemangiomul spinal progresivi. Due to the profuse bleeding, only a subtotal removal was possible. Keywords: Spinal Cord Compression; Vertebral Hemangioma.
The vertebral body is one of the most commonly recognized sites of cavernous hemangioma, and. A 40- year- old man who complained of back and leg pain due to a hemangioma of L1 that had begun a year after the fracture of the same vertebra was subsequently operated on. PURPOSE: To describe the technique and results of injecting ethanol directly into symptomatic vertebral hemangiomas. Symptomatic hemangiomas of the vertebral bodies associated with neurologic manifestations are usually located in the mid thoracic region,. 2% of cases it is symptomatic [ 2] and it is defined as aggressive vertebral hemangioma. Clinical Presentation: Neurologic symptoms due to compression of the spinal cord, nerve roots, or both, leading to myelopathy and/ or radiculopathy Clinical worsening and growth during pregnancy is a well known phenomenon. Typically, this lesion involves the vertebral body and less commonly it extends to pedicles, lamina or spinous process. Cavernous hemangioma consists mainly of congenital vascular malformations, which is present before birth and gradually increasing in size with skeletal growth. Histopathological diagnosis of the.
Hemangiomas causing acute neurological compromise but may be complicated by excessive hemorrhage ( 2) or a consumptive coagulopathy ( Kasabach- Mer- ritt syndrome) ( 14). Vertebral hemangiomas are radiosensitive and ra-. Oct 01, · First described by Perman, in 1926, followed by Bailey and Bucy in 1930, vertebral hemangiomas are common benign lesions of the spinal column with an estimated incidence of 10– 12% based on large autopsy series and reviews of spine radiographs. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Eleven patients with paraplegia ( n = 6) or radiculopathy ( n = 5) due to vertebral hemangioma were treated by means of injecting ethanol ( 5– 50 mL) directly into the lesion with computed tomographic ( CT) guidance.
The main explanation is vena cava compression and re- routing of blood to the paravertebral,. Neurologic complications may dominate the clinical picture with compression of the nerve root, spinal cord or cauda equina.


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